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Welcome Taurus Season

The Sun will bid farewell, to the fiery action-inducing energies of the steadfast Ram and will rest in the sensuous grounding energies of the first Earth sign in the astrological wheel. Hello, Taurus! 

The cosmic bull luxuriates in its pasture surrounded by the perfume of lush flora, decadent foods, and their collection of beautiful adored possessions. Fueled by the embrace of the goddess of love, Venus - the Bull doesn’t steer away from their affinity towards the carnal pleasures in life. Venus attributes lend to this sign being associated with creativity, art, beauty, and manifestation. In contrast, the Bull is also known for its strong-willed determination and hard work when it comes to pursuing the life they want. The Taurus’s reliable and goal-oriented nature is grounded in earthy qualities.Although the gentle bull may not immediately align with the strict, conformist nature of The Hierophant, the two can be bridged.

The Hierophant encourages us to identify and live by our values, while Taurus’s diligent work ethic and practical earth energies ensure the manifestations of those values. When at their full potential, Taureans thrive in a life of stability. The beautiful duality between Taurus and Hierophant energies is on full display when we see their inner values and beliefs spilling into physical manifestations out into the world. The Bull realizes that these societal structures and rules are in place to set the stage for the lives they want to create. As masterful manifestors, Taureans, are deeply connected to their inner beliefs. And just like The Hierophant, they have the ability to maintain traditions and follow practices that align with their values.The Taurus Sun will invite us to slow down in the next coming month. Take the time to indulge in the things we feel and hold sacred. Honor our histories, values, and traditions that have helped shape who we are. As we navigate this season of eclipses and retrogrades - we could all benefit from the energies of Taurus and The Hierophant to help keep us grounded between moments of chaos.


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