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Venus Enters Taurus

From March 16th - April 10th, 2023 the planet of relationships and beauty will be in the realm of our beloved headstrong bull, Taurus. 

This charming earth sign is a committed lover, one who is loyal and more interested in nesting with their one true love than flirting with a spring fling. They maintain long-lasting relationships with their preference for quality time and bonding with their family. Taurus also happens to be ruled by Venus making them very comfortable in the luxurious and passionate embrace of this planet. This time will be a great opportunity to indulge in the finer things, focus on the ones you have long-lasting bonds with, and lean into your comforts. However, relying too much on the routines and styles of intimacy that are familiar to you will create a stale, unsatisfactory air rather than a pulsing and vibrant energy within your relationships. Seeking out unexpected and novel ways to connect with your loved ones during this time can reward you with an even stronger bond lasting beyond this cosmic period.

May you love deeply and with uninhibited imagination~

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