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Libra Love

What a more perfect start to Libra season! Preluding the Fall Equinox - a day of perfect balance between daylight and twilight - and a new moon moving into the sign on the 25th, Libra season gives us a cozy, sense of stability as we transition out of the last days of summer.

This is an energetic time and we should lean into Libra's qualities to help us move through these events. We will welcome a seasonal change, the third Mercury retrograde of the year, coupled with the retrograde of five other planets - it’s no wonder our scales may feel a bit off-balance! Being the sign naturally attuned to equilibrium and peace, we can pull this attribute into our days by disregarding the things that no longer serve us in order to restore harmony and tranquility within ourselves. 

Ruled by the tender planet of Venus, Libra tells us its time to move focus into our partnerships, socializing, and connecting with others. You may have been prioritizing and getting things in order last month, but Libra encourages us to balance that work with some play! Spend the night out with your favorite people, collaborate on new projects, buy yourself a warm cashmere scarf to snuggle in, seek out sweet, simple pleasures to luxuriate in - it’s well deserved!

The crisp autumn air and long chilly nights mixed with the charm of Libra season can feel like a magical time. Now is the perfect time to connect and re-align with yourself in order to plan for the last few months of the year.


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