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Free Lenormand Foil Cards

We are giving away ✨FREE Green Glyphs Lenormand Foil Cards✨ with every order of $20 or more to celebrate the upcoming release of our new Green Glyphs collection. 

These five foil cards were offered as an add-on to our first edition of Green Glyphs Lenormand and will never be made again. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive the last of its kind for your own special collection.

The Person 

A gender-neutral stand-in for the Gentleman or the Lady
Represents the querent or someone in the querent's life.
This card is spoken about by reading the surrounding cards.


Energy: Positive
Friend • Loyalty • Guardian • Supportive • Pet • Helpful


Energy: Unfortunate
Delay • Obstacle • Impediment • Struggle • Explorer • Overcome • Hurdle


Energy: Positive
Happiness • Success • Warmth • Electricity • Joy • Brightness • Summer • Today


Energy: Positive
Trust • Hope • Clarity • Purpose • Optimism • Goals • Success • Alignment
Our newest edition of Green Glyphs Lenormand is due to hit our shop in about a month. You can subscribe here to be notified of its arrival and preview the entire Green Glyphs collection by clicking the link below.
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