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An Intro to Green Glyphs Oracle


What is the Green Glyphs Oracle?

The Green Glyphs Oracle is a set of 50 oracle cards. These cards can be used on their own for daily readings or mixed into other Green Glyphs decks. There are no set rules to this Oracle, so it can be used with the reader’s intuition. If you’re unfamiliar, an Oracle deck is simply a deck of cards that deviates from the traditional systems of divination. All of the cards in this deck are unique and do not draw from any set of divination cards.

I created this deck as a reflection on the repeating cycles we find in life. This Oracle is inspired by the idea that all aspects of everyday life, big and small, find themselves in the day-to-day. These images are a mixture of strange and familiar things, many of which will conjure up meanings at first sight.

I want this deck to exist as your companion, without fears of the dark cards revealing your subconscious needs. This deck can be used as a tool to highlight what needs attention, things that may ask you to take pause and appreciate, or reflect on how integral (or not) these aspects are in your daily life. We easily can fall into routines that make the magical parts of our lives feel mundane. Our freedoms, our experiences, our morning coffee. They are all things that after a while become washed out by anxieties and worries and are cast aside as universally trivial. Instead, let’s find gratitude for these small parts of life.

Celebrate, rejoice, and appreciate that even if your life may not feel like a movie, you are walking through life each day with the infinite choices that came before this moment to get you right here. And that is something special.

How can this deck be integrated with other Green Glyphs Decks?

Any of the Green Glyphs Oracle cards can be integrated on their own into another deck of your choice. Say you like the energy of Pig and want it in your Tarot deck. You can shuffle this in with your next readings. If  Pig shows up in a Tarot spread, allow it to offer playful relief from the messy things in life.

Where does this imagery come from?

Many of the cards in this deck came from my own universe of symbolism. For example, you will find many gazebos scattered throughout my work. I use gazebos as a symbol of celebration and appreciation for the present. Other cards in this deck came to me spontaneously. Some I meditated on; some arrived without notice. There were originally more cards in this deck. Some I loved, but just didn’t fit with the rest. The editing phase is one of the most crucial parts of creating a deck. I tend to make more at the beginning of the process and then remove cards as the deck comes to a close. What remains in this deck are the strongest and most balanced cards.

Why don’t these cards have key colors like the rest of the Green Glyphs Collection?

In the other Green Glyphs decks, I use color as a key for understanding the impact of a card as either positive or unfortunate. I chose not to include color in this deck because I didn’t want to impose any previous connotations on the imagery. I want the images and cards to be moldable to the reader. Whatever connotations you may have with the imagery in the deck are important to how the cards are read.

Can these cards be read with reversed meanings?

Yes! I have included keywords for reversed meanings in the guidebook. For experienced readers, this will allow deeper readings with twice as many meanings. If it feels too overwhelming to include reversals in your initial readings, then I would recommend sticking to only upright meanings. You will still be able to get the full experience.

Here's a look at the full set of Oracle cards: 



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Decipher the lore

using color-coded imagery and bold symbolism, the Green Glyphs collection is the perfect set of tools for diviners of all levels of experience

Decipher the lore

using color-coded imagery and bold symbolism, the Green Glyphs collection is the perfect set of tools for diviners of all levels of experience