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9.22.21 The Overgrowing Unknowing

9.22.21 The Overgrowing Unknowing

The Overgrowing Unknowing is a 20" x 30" limited edition giclée print, hand-signed, numbered, and embossed. Available this Wednesday, September 22, at 12 pm PT

This print was created from an original gouache and pastel piece that I painted earlier this summer. I find something overwhelmingly beautiful in overgrown gardens, they give in to nature, allowing it to take over once again. The title of this piece comes from the feeling of being inundated with information and how sometimes a wealth of information leaves us with less understanding than when we first began asking questions.

The original piece will also be featured in my new Los Angeles gallery opening this fall!! We've been busy at work setting up the 2nd floor of the studio and turning it into an immersive installation, gallery, and gift shop. We are planning on opening publicly in November. More details to follow.


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