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11.20.19 Holiday Head Start

11.20.19 Holiday Head Start


2019 Holiday Head Start

Black Friday is coming a week early!  I’m getting a headstart this year and having our final release of the year on November 22nd, the friday before Black Friday. This way we will have enough time to produce and fulfill everything without rushing to get things out before Christmas. It's big, there's a lot of exciting things dropping for the holidays. 

A few things you should know before you start reading: 

1. Everything will go live in the shop on Friday, November 22nd at 10am Pacific Time. 

2. I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders of $150 or more and International orders of $200 or more. The free shipping will run through the week. 

So, here we go, here's the final release of the 2010's: 


1. The Telling Hour

The Telling Hour, when the beautiful harmony of all things is illuminated in a moment of truth.

The main print release this holiday will be "The Telling Hour", a giclee print with five glitter layers. Yes, five. Well, it's 10 layers really because between each glitter application we have to seal the glitter with a transparent flat so it doesn't get all over the place. 

"The Telling Hour" is a 20" x 30" combination giclee/screenprint inspired by an amalgamation of previous prints and is a continuation of "The Hours" series.  The print includes five different layers of glitter and a clear layer that seals the glitter on the print. The glitter gives the print a quality that makes it look like it's alive - the water shimmering, the lights flickering and the lilypads dancing. 

Glitter Locations: Black Diamond Glitter on the lilypads in the bottom left, White Diamond Glitter on the emblem in the center of the border, Garnet Glitter in the Stars, Blue Shimmer Glitter in the water and Bright Gold Glitter in the gazebo area. 

Prints will be available in timed edition style with the size of the edition determined at the end of the sale period. All prints will be hand signed and numbered, 

Available Starting November 22nd at 9am Pacific Time and ending on November 25th at 10am. 

2. An Hour in a Bottle

For the collectors out there I've made an edition of 50 prints of "An Hour in a Bottle", a companion print to "The Telling Hour", much like the Plateau release earlier this year. These will go up with the release but likely won't last long, $40. 

3. Woven Blankets 

Yes! You saw them on instagram last week and now they're here! Stay warm this season with a beautiful woven blanket of "The Love You Give" or "Us, Over Time, Passing By", or both! Over the years I’ve gotten countless requests for tapestries, and have seen many counterfeit ones printed as well. I wanted to make something a little more than a tapestry so I found these USA made woven blankets that look really beautiful and feel great too. They cost quite a lot to make but I think the woven quality takes these blankets to the next level.

Both blankets are throw blankets and measure 50" x 60" with tasseled edges, $75 each.
Also, I’m matching EVERY BLANKET sale with a thermal blanket donation to people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. That means if you buy one blanket you're also donating one. If you buy both blankets you donate two blankets AND get free shipping. A win-win if you ask me. 

4. Past Presents 

Playing Secret Santa this year? You'll win the crowd with this one.
Past Presents is time capsule grab bag of goodies from the past five years. This box is a great thing to get for someone who is unfamiliar with my work or who has never bought anything before. This set makes a great introduction to the world of James R. Eads.

Hint: Each box contains something shiny, something shuffle-y, somethings mini and somethings sticky, something lengthy and somethings you'll just have to wait and see. 

Over a $150 value in each box, available for only $65. 

Warning: If you have been collecting my work for some time this box may not be for you. It does not contain anything new and you may already have most of these things!

5. Mystery Test Prints 

It’s like a mystery tube, but with test prints instead!

We sifted through our piles of test prints in the print room and put together a collection of prints we’ve deemed worthy of finding new homes, but maybe not quite worthy of the usual test print price tag.

Each test print is unique and is created during the screenprinting process. The ones in these tubes are no different, they’re just a little less layered and maybe a little repetitive with what we have already released. Mainly we want to make room for new test prints to grow out of new images.

Each test print is approximately 20 x 28, signed and numbered “TP 1/1"

Only 25 available, $75.


6. Prisma Visions Satchel

Classy, elegant and easy to throw in your bag when you're on the go, so you don't have to worry about damaging the box or your cards! 

If you were a part of the Green Glyphs project you may recognize this satchel. I loved the way the Green Glyphs one came out that I designed one for Prisma Visions.

A blue faux suede satchel custom fitted for a deck of Prisma Visions cards and the Visions Booklet. The satchel has an extended flap that unfolds to approx. 9" to do a three card reading on the go. The Visions emblem is screenprinted in faint black ink on the inside, $18.


7. Wrapping Paper 

Finally, I designed some wrapping paper to wrap all the gifts you're giving this season. You might recognize one of these sheets, the other two are taken from upcoming prints that you may see in 2020. Each sheet is around 19" x 29" and comes in a set of three, no sheet substitutions. $18

Whew, well that's everything new in the shop! If you'd like to browse the holiday collection and check out the products in more detail hit the link here. There are some closer detail shots of the Telling Hour, the Blankets and the Satchel. 

In addition to these new items I've put together a holiday gift collection in case you're still stumped or need more gifts for your loved ones. 

To recap: Everything drops this Friday November 22nd at 10am. Free shipping on U.S. orders over $150. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping, this time of year can get hectic in the studio and we are also fulfilling Green Glyphs kickstarter orders this month. 

Thank you for such a beautiful year. 

With Warmth, 
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