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Secret Stretch Goal: Pendulums and Altar Cloths! Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Secret Stretch Goal: Pendulums and Altar Cloths!

I have a little surprise for our last week of the campaign... We've kind of been hovering around $400k for a few days but I REALLY wanted us to get to this pendulum. I was initially planning it for a later stretch goal but I'm deciding to include it now in hopes of a final little boost!

So without further ado, I am thrilled to introduce...

The pendulum will be made out of the same bronze metal as the dice and will measure about 20mm wide by 50mm tall. (.75" x 2") and will have some sort of a chain attached to the top of the pendulum. There are still some factors to figure out so some of this will change and is TBD.

mock-up sketch of the bronze pendulum

Each side of the pendulum will be embossed with four glyphs from the four decks. The four sides of the pendulum represent Luck, Challenge, Inner Guidance, and Community. The Glyphs will add a 2nd layer to readings done with the pendulum. For example, if the pendulum is guiding you towards "maybe" with the "community" side of the pendulum swinging towards "maybe" then the answer may be possible with help from your community and others. 

The big news is that the pendulum will now be included in all Box Sets for free!!! 

With all the included freebies, Box Sets are now about a $212 value for only $165. These prices will go up once the collection is in our shop next year so if you are hesitating act now, you won't get a deal like this again! 

Since so much is up in the air about the final pendulum design I am not making it available as an add-on item quite yet. A lot of the specifics should be ironed out in the next few weeks and we will be able to include it as an add-on item in Backerkit when you are filling out your shipping information in mid/late November. But as it stands the pendulum is very much in the prototype phase so a lot can change and I don't feel comfortable charging for it yet. 

Since we're now adding the pendulum to the project...

I am also going to upgrade the altar cloth to be double-sided for use with the pendulum!

You'll be able to use the Casting Cloth to determine Yes, No, Maybe and Unknown answers from your pendulum.  Altar cloths can be added to pledges for $15. If you already have an altar cloth it will automatically be updated!

Lastly a few updates about the Carrying Case. I found a way to include dividers! Carrying cases will now have 3 removable dividers included in the box so that you can separate your 4 decks when traveling . 

dividers shown are a mock-up, final product will be faux leather dividers to match the case

Also, here's a mock-up of what is likely going to be embossed on the case, the Key from Green Glyphs Lenormand (matches the satchels) 

I'm not sure what the next few days will hold, but who knows maybe we will even reach another stretch goal at the last minute??

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