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What will the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse bring forth? Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

What will the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse bring forth?

The Lunar eclipse in Scorpio happening at 10:34 am PT and with it comes an atmosphere of release. On the heels of the new moon solar eclipse in Aries which brought forth dynamic change and confrontation, this full moon is asking you to peacefully welcome the ending of patterns that no longer serve you yet perhaps have been preserved out of comfort and familiarity. Witnessing and accepting the decay of the structures you've built over so much time will bring forth some much-needed unease. In order to grow, sometimes we must dismantle the pre-existing forms that hold us back. The solar eclipse in Aries revealed new, energizing systems, so now we are being asked to clean house and release the antiquated cycles that are clogging the flow. 


The eclipse is happening near the south node of the moon which relates to past life events, ancestral trauma, and psychic baggage carried within our bodies. This eclipse is a messenger and the message that is being sent is "Let go, end the cycle, and close the door". In order to receive this message it will be important to keep an open, forgiving heart. This might be challenging for some as Scorpio is not one to forgive and forget. It is a sign of masterful control, deep, hidden emotions, and intense obsessions. Try directing those traits in your favor. Allow yourself to call the shots and specify which energies you will let in and which you will let go. When it comes to your well-being, controlling is not a bad quality to have. Try to dig deep into that well of emotion and find small ways to externalize vulnerable feelings in an effort to make peace and find closure. It is ok to mourn, to experience and sit with loss, and to celebrate the gifts death brings. Allow the decay to nourish the vision you desire for yourself and focus on the experiences that bring you joy rather than possessions. Staying present in the moment will reward you in ways that material goods simply aren't capable of. Cut out the excess in order to make room for what is vital and allow the glow of this moon to aid in your quest of optimization.

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