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Green Glyphs Kickstarter: The Final Hours

We're in the final 48 hours of the campaign! I'm so happy with all of the cool things that have evolved over this month, and so grateful to all of you. You helped make this project into something greater than I expected.

In case you missed it - we've unlocked several stretch goals that are included for free with all Box Sets! 

The box set now includes the following stretch goals: Free Rune Dice, a Free Screenprint of the Oracle card "Enoki", the Set the Stage card holder, 9 extra rune cards and a pendulum!

What happens next?

Once the project closes on Wednesday, pledges will be locked and cards will start being charged. Kickstarter takes a few weeks to process payments. During this time we will be setting up the pledge manager with Backerkit. We use Backerkit for fulfillment. In mid-November you will get an email from Backerkit asking for your shipping info. You must fill this out or we cannot ship your items to you when the time comes! This is also where you will be able to add on any other items you may have been on the fence about. If you're having issues adding items to your pledge (it seems to be an issue for early bird backers) then you can add them in Backerkit. 

I'll be sending out an update once the Backerkit emails have been sent out so you can be on the look out. 

Please note: if you used your Apple ID to create your kickstarter account you will need to update it to an email address. We are unable to send shipping surveys to Apple IDs. 

Below you'll find the schedule for production and shipping. Keep in mind this is a rough estimate and bumps in the road are bound to happen. I'll try my best to keep you updated as we progress!

Thank you again, 


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