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First Look: New Rune Cards

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry for the silence the past few days, I was busy prepping for my show and then desperately needed a day of rest after. 

We're coming up on our next stretch goal at $400,000, which I know a lot of you are excited about - 9 extra, well maybe 10, extra rune cards!

These 9 additional runes are traditionally a part of the Anglo-Saxon or Northumbrian runes. After doing a lot of research and reading about them I am very into the idea of adding them to the set. There is a lot of depth in these cards and they cover concepts that aren't addressed in the original set of 24. 

I've been working on these new runes and wanted to share a sneak peek of 3 of them to get you excited for what's to come:

Images are in progress and subject to changes

Stan is the stone rune, it represents the center of the problem, the unavoidable thing, and the foundation. 

Os is the rune of the bard, it represents poetry, song, sagas, and the power of words and the change they can bring.

Ear is the rune of the grave, it represents dust, loss, letting go, and the impermanence of all things. 

For those who are familiar with runes, would you want something on the cards to signify that they are a part of the Anglo-Saxon/Northumbrian runes? I was thinking of some small marker in the corner, but now I'm not sure if that would even be necessary. Would you ever want to separate these 9 out in readings, or would you just use all 33?

I am also going to include a 10th rune card - which will be blank. This is often known as Odin's rune or the blank rune, and when it shows up in a reading it suggests that the answer is not for you to know at this moment. 

Lastly, the dice... I never intended to include these extra runes on the dice but I can see that may have been an oversight. Unfortunately, we can't just add a 4th die because there are 9 runes, not 8. So the only remedy to this would be to change the dice to three d12 dice which would give us 36 sides. 33 would be used by the runes and then a blank side on each die for the blank rune. I really enjoy the shape of the d8 dice but I may have to let that go. Would you miss these extra 9 runes if they weren't included on the dice? Thoughts? Let me know below!

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