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Kickstarter and Backerkit Orders are complete √

After seven (eight?) weeks of constant shipping, Cosma Visions is completely out in the world and 6,386 packages later we are collapsing on the floor. I could not have done it without an amazing team and an amazing support base like you all. I am floored by the outpour of excitement and the unbelievably beautiful praises you have all showered Cosma Visions with. It’s heartwarming to know that so many people can connect to this object that has been living in my head all my lives. My road here has been long, but I know for you it’s only the beginning with Cosma Visions. I hope you cherish it and it offers a little lightness to the heavier things in life. It feels bittersweet to call this the end, but I know that in this oracle the end is only the beginning.

Thank you again, truly.

Now we can bring these new items to the shop!

The Cosma Visions Collection will be available to the public on Thursday, April 15th at 11AM  (in case you've been eyeballing anything you may have missed)

check out the full collection here!

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