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send me future flowers so I can know that we're still here. 

Future Flowers is a 12" x 36" combination giclee and screenprint with a layer of blue shimmer ink in the background and a layer of 24k genuine gold leaf. Prints are hand-signed and numbered in a limited edition of 160 and blind embossed in the lower right corner. 



I originally created this piece with gouache on wood panel in 2020. It took me a long time to turn this piece into a print, it felt too sentimental and I needed to hold onto it a little bit longer before I let it go. 

Future Flowers is our first print of 2022, we wanted to start the year off with another combination giclee and screenprint and I've released flower-themed prints at the beginning of the past few years. There is something about the quiet of winter that allows these flowers the space to bloom. 

Future Flowers is printed in-house in my studio in Los Angeles. For this print, I decided to add two screenprinted layers to give the piece an extra layer of depth and the ability to capture the light. In the background of the print is a layer of blue shimmer ink in the stark black. I then added an extra layer where I pulled out the light and we hand-laid 24k gold leaf across the print. These two layers really make the vibrant colors of the print pop even more.

Prints are 12" x 36" and will be available in a one-time limited edition of 160 on Thursday, January 27th at 11AM PT. 

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