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Scorpio and Death Prisma Visions Periodical James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Scorpio and Death

Scorpio season is upon us! Scorpio is attributed to the Death card in Tarot. This card can often be frightening to see in a reading but much like Scorpio, Death is misunderstood. The Death card is about cycles, it teaches us that at the end comes the beginning again. We are reminded of the duality in all things, sharp and soft, life and death.

The scorpion can be vicious and offer a cruel and poisonous sting, much like the initial sting of death. But within the scorpion is tenderness, and a will to live. Scorpio is known for their skills to transform pain into love, one of the greatest alchemical transformations of being human. It is often easier said than done, to envision Death not as the end, but as a doorway into the next journey unfolding.

Perhaps during this season, we can ask ourselves how we can be softer with ourselves, and with the things that must inevitably end. Instead of looking at the loss, what can we see transform on the other side of Death?

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