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Pluto in Aquarius

Wow, what a landmark in time...Pluto has not been in Aquarius since 1777-1798 and will continue to be in and out of Aquarius until 2044 (a brief retrograde will keep Pluto in Aquarius for only 3 months this year).

Pluto is the planet of shadows, transformation, destruction, rebirth, and all that lies below the surface.

It represents endings and beginnings and the infinite dance the two have with one another. Aquarius is an airy sign that resists classification. They see themselves as rebellious non-conformists often working to challenge the status quo. That being said, they are much more influenced by the collective needs and opinions of their peers than they'd like to admit. They are highly motivated by social causes making them fierce activists and empathetic advocates for those in need. Pluto entering the realm of Aquarius will signal big change, daring us to question the powers that be and organize with others to bring on the transformations that will define this era.

On a personal level, this period may reveal some hidden desires, ancestral secrets, or grief that had not previously been processed. Whatever has been stagnant in ice, hidden in the darkest corners of your subconscious, will now have the opportunity to thaw, reanimate, and come to the surface to confront you. Think of these revelations as your foundation splitting apart to make room for new, nourishing vegetation to grow and bring you comfort, like a tree offering shade from the hot midday sun. It won't be easy to experience such transformative dismantling but it will be necessary for your spirit to live a more truthful, high-vibrational existence. When something doesn't work, a quick fix will only postpone further inevitable damage. Pluto reminds us that to create the worlds we want, it may be necessary to completely destroy the structures that no longer serve us. This process of total transformation is lengthy, laborious, and at times, painful but it does not have to happen alone. With the right approach and help from your community, this period could bring forward the most rewarding and expansive metamorphosis.

Plan your moves accordingly to maximize the potential of your existential remodel.

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