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3.20.20 Studio Closed Until Further Notice

3.20.20 Studio Closed Until Further Notice

Studio Closing For Now..

I'm sure you have heard by now, but as of Thursday California is under "Shelter in Place" which means I will have to close the studio indefinitely. Due to the nature of the work, my employees can't exactly work from home, so they are out of work for the time being. I will continue to pay them for as long as I can and hopefully it won't last as long as we are hearing it will. 

This means that the shop will become very limited in what will be available online since I will be doing shipping from home. Starting on Monday morning, all prints, stickers, and other merch will be removed until the foreseeable future.

Tarot Decks, Open Portals Playing Cards, Green Glyphs and a few other easily shippable items will still be available. This could all change next week if new restrictions are implemented, but we are taking things day by day.

Our spirits are still up and we are in good health and I am still making art. I've been teaching myself dreams, which is a new "game" that teaches people how to make video games. So far it's pretty rad and I'm excited to share what I've been making. I've also been finishing up Cosma Visions, a new 78 card deck, which there will be a kickstarter some point. 

So, If you have been holding out on that one purchase, or want to buy some super early holiday presents, or just gifts for your loved ones, now is DEFINITELY the time! I'll be doing post office runs a few times a week in hopes that it will keep a small amount of income flowing through the shop to pay for at least the studio rent the next few months. 

If you saw my instagram post on puzzles, I am still considering making a timed release of some puzzles. I will see where we are with things on Monday and will have more on that soon!

Stay safe, and thank you for everything.


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