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11.9.21 Cosma Visions Delayed

Cosma Visions Delayed

Unfortunately, due to extreme congestion at the port, the arrival of Cosma Visions is not expected for another two months.

We are so sorry to disappoint you, we want nothing more than for these decks to be in your hands. While we did our best to account for unexpected delays, nothing could have prepared us for this. The shipment is currently in the Los Angeles port but we have been told that it will likely be another 2 months until the cargo can be unloaded. 

Read more about the global effects that are impacting our business and many others.

Here's what we can do:

  • Keep your order. We will ship your order out as soon as we receive the Cosma Visions decks it will just take longer than we initially estimated.
  • Cancel your order and we will issue you a full refund.  Please provide us with your order number so we can process your cancellation. If you are still interested in the deck, you can always place an order later once we have received the decks and they are ready to ship.
  • Cancel only Cosma Visions from your order. Please provide us with your order number so we can process the cancellation of your Cosma Visions deck(s). We will ship out the rest of the items that are ready to ship and if you still want to reserve a deck, you can place a separate order for Cosma Visions.
Please reach out to us if you need further assistance with your order at Check here for more shipping updates.
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