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3.13.18: The Cycle of Healing

3.13.18: The Cycle of Healing

The Cycle of Healing

A new screenprint is now available in the Prisma Visions shop. This print has been in the works for quite some time and I am glad it is finally being released. For more information on the creation of the print continue reading at the bottom of this newsletter. 

"The Cycle of Healing” is a hand pulled one color screenprint in a Rainbow Foil edition and Cream Speckletone edition. The paper size is 12" x 12" with a 1" border and the print is hand signed and numbered in an edition of 200 for each variant.
This print comes with a second bonus print and is also a 12" x 12" hand pulled one color screenprint and features the accompanying words to "The Cycle of Healing"

Prints are available in the Prisma Visions shop now at

Also, we just re-released the Visions Kerchief this weekend, it's a beautiful 21" x 21" silk kerchief featuring an illustration of the major arcana of the Visions Tarot. 

Also also, there is a new tank top in the shop as well! 

On the creation of the Cycle of Healing: I’ve been dealing with back pain for over ten years, fortunately it’s nothing too major and I am lucky to have really good weeks where I don’t feel pain at all. I herniated a disc in my lower back when I was 16 and since then have learned to live with back pain. Sometimes I don’t feel it at all, and other times I can twist in the wrong way and throw myself into two months of debilitating pain. and let me say, creativity is the first thing that leaves when you’re in pain. it’s really hard to get into a place where you feel inspired to create art when severe pain is screaming throughout your body.

I started this piece at the end of 2016 and it took me over a year to really call it done. When I first started it it was titled “the rainbow body” based on the tibetan buddhist concept that if you have truly reached enlightenment at the end of your life cycles it is thought that your body explodes into rainbow light and all that is left is your hair and your fingernails. I don’t think that what this piece became is really too far from that. sometimes I try to remember what it feels like without a body that can feel pain and just a be a soul floating freely. But then I wouldn’t be able to write things like this, or feel pain like this, that in turn inspires art like this. 

What I’ve gotten out of pain is an appreciation for the things in life that I take for granted. It’s all to easy to forget how brilliant the human body is and how remarkable life can be. And I wouldn’t give this life up for anything, so if the pain is going to be a part of it I’m going to keep learning how to live with it. Be good to yourself, treat your body and your mind well. 

If you’re experiencing pain I feel you, I really really do. And I hope that it gets better. This print is for you. 

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