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7.18.22 New International Checkout Coming Soon The Studio Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

7.18.22 New International Checkout Coming Soon

Some big news for our international customers!

As some of you may know, shipping, particularly international shipping, has been an increasingly challenging obstacle for us in the past few years.

And we know it's not personal, it's something that the entire globe has been struggling with in one way or another. While we do our best to keep shipping costs low and quality of service high, for small businesses like ours, it often feels impossible to meet the expectations set by big companies like Amazon. Many of our U.S. customers can see that we do a great job fulfilling their orders in a speedy manner with services like UPS and USPS delivering their goods quickly and safelly (most of the time)! But, unfortunately, we can't say the same for our non-U.S. patrons.

To our fans overseas- We know lately you've been dealing with outrageously high shipping costs or lost packages with seemingly no tracking updates, or sometimes both (Yikes!). What's more, when your items finally get to you, you are faced with additional fees for customs duties and brokerage costs that come as a shock. We hear you!

We don't want you to feel punished when you finally receive your items all the way from Los Angeles, we want you to feel treated! 

So we are happy to announce that we have finally optimized the international checkout experience to provide the best shipping rates exclusively through the reliable service of DHL, in your preferred currency, and with taxes and duties included. We will also be making more international payment providers available at checkout so you can pay using your preferred method. **PLUS everybody gets to enjoy FREE shipping when they meet the order total threshold for their country :)

A few things to mention:

You may notice that prices for some of our products will be higher.

Depending on where you are, the prices shown to you may now include international customs fees. You will be notified at checkout whether or not your total includes these fees. All customs fees paid with your order will come with the guarantee that no additional fees will be asked of you at the time of delivery. Extra fees aside, your total order should still be noticeably less than the combined costs of your items, shipping, and duties from orders made prior to this optimization.

Discount codes will continue to work for your orders, however, gift cards will no longer work.

If you have credit on a gift card that you have yet to use, please email us at so we can transfer that credit to a discount code.

If you are one of our international wholesalers, these changes will not apply to you. Continue to log in to your account and checkout using the methods previously used.

We know change can be rough but we hope these changes will be a welcome improvement to our international checkout experience.

Our new international checkout optimization will be live on July 18th, 2022.

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