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New Moon in Virgo by Sign

The beauty in the night sky will move into Virgo this Saturday, August 27th at 4:14am ET / 1:17am PST.

We’ve done a single card reading for each of the signs, using our Light Visions Tarot and are referencing the Big Visions Book for the interpretations below. We hope to give you some guidance as we soak in this moon energy. You’ve been dreaming and manifesting the last few months - now it’s time to make courageous decisions and moves. ….

Aries - The Magician

You are confident and in control. Your vision has meaning and magic - go forth and achieve it.

Taurus - Knight of Swords

You are determined, unrelenting in your focus. Remember that it’s okay to withdraw your attention and consider the opinions of others for objective perspectives.

Gemini - Two of Pentacles

You may feel like there is a lot on your plate coming into the season. Focusing on one thing at a time will help you find the balance you need to prioritize your time.

Cancer - The Emperor:

You’re on the path to success this season, so as long as you maintain the course and use this energy for the greater good.

Leo - Nine of Pentacles (reversed) 

It’s time for you to blossom and realize your potential. We all need your light and the talents that you offer - it’s time to let it shine.

Virgo - Queen of Wands

With the sun in your sign, you find your confidence and passion soaring. Use this fire to spark joy within yourself and others.

Libra - King of Chalices

You are calm and in control this season. Peace flows through your every movement this season and all obstacles serve as opportunities to strengthen your plan of action.

Scorpio - Three of Pentacles

Step back and be proud of all the work you’ve done. You’ve been diligent, focused and skillfully accomplishing your tasks. It’s time to bring others in to help you build your vision.

Sagittarius - Seven of Swords (reversed)

Take a second look before giving up on a project or goal. Notice your intentions before you cut losses - speaking up will get you a lot further than you think.

Capricorn - Strength

Overwhelmed? Press on! Hold your ground and believe in yourself - nothing can stop you.

Aquarius - Five of Wands

Be accommodating and adaptable this season. You might run into some conflicting ideas, but in the long run, working together in compromise will always outshine the discord.

Pisces - The Hierophant (reversed)

You’ve been looking within and feel you have a big decision to make. If the task is not for you - graciously bow out and move on.

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