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8.7.2020: The Cosma Visions Oracle

The Cosma Visions Oracle

There are many theories on what happens in the afterlife. I like to believe that we live again and again, it makes it all seem more worth something. Different lives give us a full understanding and perspective on what it means to really be alive. 

I created this oracle to tell one story of what may happen in the space between lives, re-imagined upon the structure of classic 78 card tarot deck. I spent years thinking about creating a companion deck to Prisma Visions and now after nearly 2 years of researching, drawing, rendering, redrawing and writing it is finally here! 

Nothing about making Cosma Visions was easy, but it was a beautiful experience. It made me feel more whole, more connected and more inspired. All I can hope now is that it does the same for you and moves you along an elegant path filled of wonder and appreciation for the greatness of life. Thank you for your patience, I know for some of you it feels as if you have been waiting years for this deck, and I've teased you enough with it. I originally planned to release Cosma Visions in April, but it needed more time, you can't force spiritual tools into existence, they have to feel just right.

So here it is, for you to hold and get to know and love, The Cosma Visions Oracle.  
The kickstarter campaign will launch this coming Tuesday, August 11th at 10AM PST. To be notified of the launch, you can view the pre-launch project page here.

The first 400 people to pledge will have a chance to snag one of the Early Bird tiers, so this should give those of you who have been eagerly waiting a chance to grab a discounted deck.

You'll get a much deeper look into Cosma Visions once the campaign launches, but in the meantime you can browse the rewards below, and follow along with @prismavisions as I announce the launch.
In the kickstarter you will only find three items. I want to keep it simple to start, if we go past the funding amount and stretch goals are introduced then more goodies may be involved as well as upgrades to the already existing items. If you are new to tarot and would like to purchase a Prisma Visions or Light Visions deck these will be bundled in the campaign reward tiers as well. 
The first item is of course, Cosma Visions. Like its sister decks, Cosma Visions will come with a 100 page mini guidebook. The cards are finished with labradorite edges and it is housed in a flip top box. $40, ($35 for early bird backers)
The second item is the Cosma Visions Satchel, much like the previous satchels, this is a custom teal pouch with the Cosma Visions logo embossed in the faux suede, it has a fold over closure which doubles as a place to do a three card reading on the go, $10
The third item, and what I likely spent the most time on, is the Big Visions Book: a hardcover book with over 400 pages of content that covers both Cosma Visions and Prisma Visions, $25 (it will retail for $30+ after the campaign)
Each card has its own two page spread, on the left is a full color illustration of the card and on the right is the card meaning. The big book includes upright and reversed meanings as well as keywords to help you learn the cards.  
The beginning section of the book dives into the process of creating the deck as well as a few unique spreads that can be used with Cosma Visions and Prisma Visions together.  
And then there's the flip side - Prisma Visions. I released Prisma Visions in 2014 and since then reversed meanings have been highly requested. So I got back in touch with Katherine Tombs, the author of the Prisma Visions Booklet, and she expanded on what she wrote and now we have a big book filled to the brim with meanings and descriptions of the cards we know so well. 

It's two books in one. On one side you've got Cosma Visions and then when you flip the book upside down you'll be able to read Prisma Visions. I'm pretty proud with how this one turned out. 
There's so much more to the Cosma Visions Oracle, but this is as much as I will share within this newsletter. As the campaign progresses I'll be posting updates and deeper dives into the world of Cosma Visions. There will also be an FAQ page for your burning questions. To sign up to be notified when the project launches on kickstarter hit the button below. If you want to get one of the early bird decks I'd highly recommend pledging right at the launch time!

Thank you again for your excitement, it really helped me push through the final stages of this project, and I'm so excited to see what we can make this project into together on Kickstarter. 

Be well, 
Cosma Visions Pre-Launch Page
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