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5.24.18 Mystic Cat 3

5.24.18 Mystic Cat 3

Mystic Cat Set No. 3

The third installment of the Mystic Cat series will be dropping thisThursday at 3PM at the Mystic Cache

As with the first two sets, this set will include three different four color screenprints. There are 20 different colorways that the Mystic Cat is printed on, each is signed and numbered in editions of 10 or less. Some colors are rarer than others. 

With this new set I am introducing the new Marbled Mystic Cat.

Available Thursday, May 31st at 3PM Pacific Time at the Mystic Cache

Mystic Cat Set No. 3 includes three individual prints:

  • 'Mystic Cat Reaches a Fork in the Road but as Two Travelers' a 10" x 10" four color screenprint
  • 'Mystic Cat Plays with the Light' a 6" x 6" four color screenprint
  • 'Mystic Cat Docks' a 4" x 6" four color screenprint.
  • There are 20 colorways of each print
  • Hand signed and numbered in editions of 10 or less. 
  • Print packs are pre-assembled and shipped randomly, no requests. 
  • Sets cost $40 each. 

If you are collecting a specific color it is recommended you head to the Mystic Cat Trading Post

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