Counterfeits & Knock-offs

It has come to our attention that over the past year some knock-off decks have been produced of Prisma Visions. These are unauthorized reproductions and a cheaper quality than the work we strive to put out into the world.

We appreciate your support in not buying these decks, we are a small artist driven business and put our love and soul into what we do! Some ways to recognize a knock off include:

  • Lowered price (anything lower than $45 is likely a counterfeit deck)
  • No booklet included
  • A cheap tuck box instead of a durable clam shell box
  • Different card size (our cards are approximately 2.75" x 4.75")

All Prisma Visions from the Fourth edition and onwards will have a "Seal of Authenticity" adhered to the shrink wrap. This will help to differentiate the knock-offs from our actual products. 


If you do come across what you think is a counterfeit deck please send us an email at and we will get it taken down!


Thank you!

Prisma Team