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Cosma Visions Oracle

Design & Decks

I created this oracle to tell one story of what may happen in the space between lives, re-imagined upon the structure of the traditional 78 card tarot.

I spent years thinking about creating a companion deck to Prisma Visions - a continuation of the story we know so well. Now after nearly 2 years of researching, drawing, rendering, redrawing and writing, I think that I've made a worthy companion to Prisma Visions.

Nothing about making Cosma Visions was easy, but it was a beautiful experience. It made me feel more whole, more connected and more inspired. All I can hope now is that it does the same for you and moves you along an elegant path filled of wonder and appreciation for the greatness of life.

Cosma Visions is my 5th deck and is considered the sister deck of Prisma Visions and Light Visions. 

Cosma Visions was originally funded on Kickstarter in September 2020 by over 6000 people. Cosma Visions grew into an entire universe of magical wares, most of which is now available here.