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Past is a Present (6 foil cards)

A pack of cards from previous Prisma Visions Tarot editions. Each card is printed in a unique colorway with a layer of foil printing that sets them apart from the original cards. These cards have a matte UV finish and match the 6th edition of Prisma Visions Tarot. All previous editions of Prisma Visions Tarot have a glossy UV finish. 

Meanings behind the 6 cards can be found in the Big Visions Book or in this downloadable PDF.

Please note: it has come to our attention that Prisma Visions decks in the current 6th edition can slightly vary in size (a millimeter or two difference) which can make it difficult to work these extra cards into a deck. Unfortunately we are unsure how wide spread this issue is so we cannot guarantee that these extra foil cards will be the exact size of your deck. 

Item Specs:

  • 6 cards
  • Matte UV finish (matches the finish on the 6th edition of Prisma Visions) 
  • Unique Colorway with a layer of foil printing
  • Includes the 79th "mystery cards" from the first 6 editions of Prisma Visions: Strawberries, The Gift, Illumination, The Winged Boar, Reverie and Tiny Elephants
  • Silver gilded edges
  • Packaged in a protective clear poly bag