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Hello, Beautiful World. (Edition of 100)

Out of Print -Limited edition prints will not be made available again. 

"Hello, Beautiful World." is an original 12" x 18" limited edition giclee print on archival paper. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a 3/4" white border. 


Hello, Beautiful World. 
by James R. Eads
Look at the light
look how it hits the water. 
Look at the moon, 
look how it glows!
Look at those little stars
look how big they shine. 
Look for that magic inside. 
look how wonderful you are. 
Look at me.
Look at you and me. 
Look at all of us
Look at our souls intertwined.
Look at the sun on the rise
look how it’s right on time. 
Look, here’s the day again!
Hello, Beautiful World.