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Green Glyphs Lenormand

Design & Decks


Green Glyphs was born in the winter of 2018 when I was going through another bout of physical pain and searching for solace in magical arts. I was immediately drawn to the storytelling aspects that come with reading Lenormand and the qualities it shares with Tarot. 

​These days there are more and more Lenormand decks out there, but not a lot that I have connected with. And knowing I love the challenge of creating a deck of magical cards, I jumped right in. The power of Lenormand lies in reading all 36 cards in a spread called a Grand Tableau. When I first started learning Lenormand this idea was daunting to me- 36 symbols is a lot to take in at once. So I set out to create a deck that could be read quickly by color, giving the beginning reader an early advantage. 

All cards that have a strong presence of gold or yellow are positive cards while cards that are predominantly orange are unfortunate. 

With this key aspect added into the deck, it makes it much easier to see clusters of positive or unfortunate cards. You will pick up patterns and situations with much more ease than with a standard Lenormand deck. 

​Another thing I wanted from this deck is for it to be universal among all people. The hetero-assuming/hetero-normative, cis-centered, white aspects that come included in most old Tarot and Lenormand decks is tired. So I added four cards to this deck that will allow you to swap out the Gentleman or the Lady for another Man or another Lady or a Person.  

​Lastly, I wanted to add my own system of symbols that can be used to simplify the 36 cards even more. These glyphs are meant to be used as tools to remember the 36 symbols and you will find one on each card, along with other secret sigils and glyphs scrawled throughout the deck. 

​When it was done I sprinkled it with a hefty dose of good magic and I called it Green Glyphs.

Green Glyphs was funded on Kickstarter in October of 2019.